Older Photos

Some images from the castle (Slotshaven) in Hillerød

The shutter time for the last image is 1/45 sec.

A rose from my grandfathers garden:

A surfer in Klitmøller, July 2007. Nikon D70, 1/500 sec, f/11 – white balance adjusted:

Three images from “Dyrehaven” 5th 6 June 2007 in at 14.30:

Some waterdrops taken with Nikon D70; Shutter time 1/6000 s, date: d. 4th May 2007:

Hornbæk (spring 2007):

Some images from “kohaven” 3rd February 2007:


Some images from “Egebæksvang skov” in Espergærde. From the 27th January 2007 in the morning:

Noctilucent clouds (In danish: lysende natskyer) from Klitmøller, 19th July 2006 at 00.30. I used Nikon D70 and a shutter time on 1/2 second. The star Capella is visible to the right at the first image:

Lysende natsky

Lysende natsky

Sunset in June 2006 from Hanstholm. Shutter time: 1/8 second. Nikon D70 – handhold.:


Three images from Norway, June 2005 using Nikon D70:




Norway, June 2005. Camera: Nikon D70. Shutter Time: 1/15 sec:


An image from Klitmøller in July 2004 with Olympus C-50:


Two images from June 2004 in Norway. Camera: Olympus C-50.




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