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Here are two photos of the planet, Venus, the 15th of March, 2010 (19 p.m.). In the foreground is Fælledparken (copenhagen).



Holmes – 30th October 2007

11 * 6 sec -images with ISO 800. Stacked with “deepskystacker”:

M31 – 19th October 2007

M31 (the Andromeda galaxy). 10 images stacked and a total exposure time of 150 sec. 12 darkframes.

Spiral structure is clearly visible. M32 (top left) and M110 (bottom) are also visible. Seeing: 10.5″ (uncertainty: 0.5-1″).

NCG 1058 (August)

The following image shows NGC 1058 which has an active galaxy nucleus (AGN). The very bright star in the galaxy is a supernova (1C).

The image was created during a image-reduction-project at KU. The raw images is made at the La Silla-observatory in Chile (not by me…).

I have used B, V and H-alpha-filters (blue, green and red) to create the colour image.

Fredag d. 24/08-2007

Here is some images taken with my f/5 150mm Newton-telescope. I have used a Nikon D70 in primce focus. All images is stacked with deepskystacker

M13. 7×20 sec – 2 dark frames:

The two galaxies M81 and M82 (a starburst galaxy!). 13x20sec + 11x15sec:

M57. 15x20sec and 2 dark frames:

17th August 2007

Some single-shots images taken in primefocus with my Celestron C6N and my Nikon D70:

M57 – 20 second exposure. The beta-star in lyra is visible to the right:

M13 – 30 sec:

Three images og M31. First a 30 sec exposure, then 6 staced images (between 10 and 30 sec) and a negative version of the stacked image:

27th January 2007

The moon (prime focus using a 2X-barlow-lens):


12th November 2006

The following images is taken with my D70 on a tripod:

The moon and saturn: 0.15 and 01.15.



Orion, Auriga and taurus:





Øresund, torsdag 29. januar 2009

Jeg var på tursketur på Øresund med “Sværd”. Det blev til tre torsk. En på 10.5 kg og to mindre på cirka 4 kg. På båden blev der ialt fanget 8 torsk over 10 kg, hvor den største var ca 16.5 kg. Her er et billede af min 10.5kg-torsk:

Øresund, tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Jeg var ude at fiske med skibet “Sværd”. Jeg fangede 4 torsk, hvor den største var 9.5 kg. De andre var ~3-5 kg. Her et billede af den store:

Øresund, 13. april 2008

To torsk på 7.5 kg og 3 kg fra Øresund:

Min onkel og jeg…:

Older Photos

Some images from the castle (Slotshaven) in Hillerød

The shutter time for the last image is 1/45 sec.

A rose from my grandfathers garden:

A surfer in Klitmøller, July 2007. Nikon D70, 1/500 sec, f/11 – white balance adjusted:

Three images from “Dyrehaven” 5th 6 June 2007 in at 14.30:

Some waterdrops taken with Nikon D70; Shutter time 1/6000 s, date: d. 4th May 2007:

Hornbæk (spring 2007):

Some images from “kohaven” 3rd February 2007:


Some images from “Egebæksvang skov” in Espergærde. From the 27th January 2007 in the morning:

Noctilucent clouds (In danish: lysende natskyer) from Klitmøller, 19th July 2006 at 00.30. I used Nikon D70 and a shutter time on 1/2 second. The star Capella is visible to the right at the first image:

Lysende natsky

Lysende natsky

Sunset in June 2006 from Hanstholm. Shutter time: 1/8 second. Nikon D70 – handhold.:


Three images from Norway, June 2005 using Nikon D70:




Norway, June 2005. Camera: Nikon D70. Shutter Time: 1/15 sec:


An image from Klitmøller in July 2004 with Olympus C-50:


Two images from June 2004 in Norway. Camera: Olympus C-50.



Switzerland 2008

Here are some photos from my vacation in Zermatt, Switzerland.

First three photos taken from our apartment in Zermatt:

And here are some images from “Gornegrat”:

Some photos from Schwarzsee:

La Palma 2008

La Palma

Here are some images from La Palma. In august this year I was with the university to La Palma, where we observed with the Nordical Optical Telescope.

A cumulonimbus cloud (the photo is taken from the plane from Kastrup to Madrid…)


Two photos from La Palma:

The Nordical Optical Telescope (NOT)

Sunset from the NOT:

Grantecan – the largest telescope in the world:

The NOT:

The sunset from the NOT. Grantecan is in the left side. The bright “star” is Venus:

Lunar eclipse:

Gallery: Copenhagen and more

Operahuset / Copenhagen Opera House. 21 febr. 2009:


Egebæksvang skov, Espergærde. 18 febr. 2009:


Four photos from Dyrehaven (1st february 2009):





Three photos from Fælledparken (1st february 2009):



Flying duck

Two photos from Christiania (22th october 2008)



A night-photo from Brorfelde, 31th october 2008, 20:30. Exposure time: 20 sec. A part of the the constellation, Ursa Major, is visible.

Brorfelde Night

Gallery: Jylland 2009

Summer 2009. Sunrise, Noctilucent cloud and more:

Photos from Klitmøller. Easter 2009: