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Mergers in cosmological simulations

Most of the existing literature about major merger simulations relies on idealized setups, where equilibrium galaxies are initialized on Keplerian orbits. In Sparre & Springel 2016 we have for the first time studied a sample of several major mergers in full cosmological setups. We show that strong nuclear starbursts (which strongly resemble e.g. ULIRGs) occur when mergers are colliding head-on in high-speed orbits. In future work we will study the morphological evolution of the stellar disks of the merging galaxies.


The z=0 stellar components of the remnant of the four major mergers. In addition to a red bulge, the galaxies have a disk mainly consisting of stars formed after the merger.

Star formation in galaxy simulations

I work on star formation in galaxy formation simulations. Of special interest to me is the star formation rate – stellar mass relation of observed galaxies, which I have studied in the Illustris simulation ( and in FIRE (

SFR-variability in FIRE

At low masses (stellar mass below 10^(9.5) solar masses) there is a large amount of SFR-variability in FIRE. This figure shows the 10-Myr-averaged SFRs in 20 non-overlapping within a 200 Myr period. In an observational paper Guo et al. 2016 found evidence for a similar amount of bursty star formation.

Star formation histories

Average and median star formation histories for galaxies in different stellar mass bins in Illustris. More-massive galaxies form their stars earlier than low-mass galaxies.

Gamma-ray bursts

Gamma-ray bursts are the most violent explosions in the universe, where a collapsing star in a few seconds emits the same amount of energy as the sun emits in its entire lifetime. I am involved in an observational program, where we observe gamma-ray bursts with the X-shooter spectrograph mounted at the Very Large Telescope at Paranal in Chile.


The four 8.2 meter telescopes at Paranal Observatory.


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